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Residents concerned over excessive speeding down Collier Co. streets


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Residents concerned over excessive speeding down Collier Co. streets

By Julian Glover. CREATED Sep 19, 2013

 NAPLES, Fla. - Heavy flooding is still a big issue for several communities in Collier Co., now some residents are concerned about excessive speeding through the patches of water and the hazard it's causing. 

When you see heavy patches of standing water you might wonder if you're car's going to be able to make through the area. When you see a sign that reads "road under water" It might just cause you to turn around altogether. 

But that's not the case at all for one Naples neighborhood.

Driver after driver decide not only to ignore the caution sign, but to swerve through the water at top speed and it's starting to drive the people who live here crazy.

"Most of them just fly through it," said Barbara Lankton, a 30 year resident of the neighborhood who says the speeding is just out of hand. 

"They go 45mph to 50mph down the streets sometimes, even when there isn't water," said Lankton. 

And when there is water?

"The first house there I know it has to flood," said Laknton, "It gets right up to their doorways." 

When drivers zip by water goes flying everywhere - up to the doorways and all over the sidewalk.

Many residents are concerned that it's becoming a hazard for kids waiting for the bus.

"I mean it's dangerous ya know," said Jarek Freund. "How are they going to get to the bus ya know? It's a problem."

Ridge street, the street that runs through the neighborhood, isn't a main road but neighbors tells Fox 4 the street is always a popular option, especially during the morning commute.

"We're the only one without the stop signs and speed bumps," said Lankton.

To see if Four in Your Corner could get some results for the neighborhood, we reached out to the Collier Co. Sheriffs Office to see if they would consider a speed enforcement effort in the area.

Over the phone the Sheriffs Office agreed to look into a solution.

Hopefully that can get drivers using Ridge Street to use some caution and allow the residents in the neighborhood to dry out.