Quiet and dry

Quiet and dry

By FOX 4 Storm Patrol. CREATED Aug 11, 2014

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A large surge of dry, dusty air has recently exited the west coast of Africa creating a very stable environment for much of the Atlantic Basin at this time.

There is one disturbance a few hundred miles south-southwest of the Cape Verde Islands that has a low chance (30%) of further development over the next five days.

At this time it is surrounded by dry air to the north and west, but as it continues drifting to the west at 15 mph it will encounter a more conducive environment.

The wind shear environment is high at this time, but tropical models are forecasting a significant drop in wind shear by Tuesday evening; however, none of the more reliable models forecast this system becoming a tropical storm and it should reach the Lesser Antilles by Saturday.

Hurricane Julio has been downgraded to a category 1 storm as it moves to the northwest at 13 mph several hundred miles north of the Hawaiian Islands.

It is still producing winds of 80 mph gusting to 100 mph. It will have no direct impact on the Islands, but there will be rough waters for the next day or two.

FOX 4 Meteorologist Jamie Kagol