Prescription discount cards in the mail: real or a scam?


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Prescription discount cards in the mail: real or a scam?

By Christy Dimond. CREATED Aug 5, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. -  A handful of local residents have received pharmacy discount cards in the mail, and came to Fox 4 in Your Corner with questions about whether the cards are legitimate, part of Obamacare, or part of a scam.  The cards, similar looking to a membership card or credit card, claim to save customers up to 75 percent on prescription medications at more than 50,000 pharmacies throughout the country. 

Richard Lawrence, pharmacist at Fort Myers Prescription Shop, said the cards come from several different companies and get sent to people either in the mail or online.  Lawrence said anyone could use the card, but patients with insurance or Medicare don't need the cards. 
Not all pharmacies accept the cards.  Lawrence said he stopped accepting them because he gets billed by the card company between two to nine dollars for each prescription he allows a customer to use the card. 
"They have to make their money somehow," he said.  "It's a free program to the patients but at the end of every month, they send us a bill for the privilege of taking the discount card." 
Fox 4 did some digging and found out CVS, Walmart and Publix accept certain discount cards, while Walgreens accepts all the prescription discount cards.  Target, on the other hand, does not accept any of them and instead offers customers its own discount card. 
Lawrence said the cards aren't specific to the person who receives them, so if you get one and don't want to use it, you can toss it in the trash without being concerned about your personal information.