Political strategy for Sheriff?


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Political strategy for Sheriff?

By Warren Wright. CREATED Sep 5, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.-  Are the Lee County Sheriff's feuds with the NAACP AND FGCU,  both of whom have African American presidents, and shots at hip hop artists -  part of a political strategy??

As a professor of public affairs and the author of several published papers on congressional races -- Dr. Peter Bergerson believes somethings up and says "I think sheriff Scott is politically ambitious."

FGCU professor Peter Bergerson says the Sheriff's challenges to high profile African American leaders ..first the NAACP .. and now the president of FGCU .. Could be seen as part of a strategy.

Bergerson points out that "he's using the platform of the Sheriff for potentially political reasons."

For example, the Sheriff sent this email to FGCU President Wilson Bradshaw, chastising him, saying  "I would think that you would be especially opposed to anyone..that spews the "N"-word" and "you run the show there brad, not the students."

Words Bergerson says some would see as demeaning to one of the few high profile African Americans in a position of power in SWFL.

Bergerson states, "he's using one of the real pillars of the university and one of the leaders of the community to impale him almost."

And adds that "he's entitled to his opinion but he's using his position as the sheriff to chastise an academic and an education institution... and he sees it, I guess, that there's some advantage to him personally."

And possibly politically.

The Sheriff's complaints about hip hop performers at the FGCU concert come as congressman Trey Radel has been getting headlines for being a hip hop fan.

Is the Sheriff getting ready to challenge Radel as a more conservative republican?

Radel told me by phone it's not going to happen.

Radel said "He's my buddy. Hes a friend. we talk and he told me explicitly ... hes not running for congress."

A spokesman for the sheriff also claims mike Scott will not be running for congress.

But Dr. Bergerson says actions and words certainly seem calculated to getting voters attention..

Bergerson points out "running for office is a process and one of the first things is kind of positioning yourself and being in a position to be noticed."

Bergerson points out that any speculation about the Sheriff running for congress actually demonstrates his popularity and high visibility within the community.

Warren Wright

Warren Wright

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