Police: Cape woman drops crack pipe and clothes


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Police: Cape woman drops crack pipe and clothes

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Feb 18, 2014


Out of control ... and out of her clothes. A Southwest Florida woman having a McDonald's meltdown of epic proportions at a Mickey D's in Cape Coral. Four In Your Corner's Dave Culbreth tracking down an eyewitness who describes the big mac attack she had .. on the cops.

If you've ever thought you've done some stupid stuff or had a bad day, wait'll you hear this. According to the police, and this witness you're about to hear from this is the epitome of the baddest of bad days.

"I realized that she was a little intoxicated. (Culbreth): A little intoxicated? Very intoxicated. (culbreth): Alright, please continue. Under the influence of something so I called 911," said "Cathy", who didn't want us to reveal her name.

She's talking about what she saw at a McDonald's on Del Prado at about 7:30 Saturday night. Cape Coral Police say when they arrived they asked 39 year old Rebecca Young of North Fort Myers to step outside and produce an ID. "She went to dig in her bag to get her ID and something fell out," added Cathy. "I heard the officer pick it up and said, 'Oh, this is a real nice crack pipe'." (Culbreth): Crack pipe? "Yes, it was a crack pipe. Very cute, very chick," Cathy observed. (Culbreth): Oh. High quality? "High quality. She tried to deny that it was hers and that it didn't fall out of her purse, of course," Cathy mused.

That's not all.... police say Young then proceeded to start fighting back, and even kicked a cop in the shin. That's not all.....then, they say, while in the back seat of a cruiser, while in handcuffs, she then, somehow or other..... undressed herself.

"I didn't really see too much of what happened inside the car but I did hear the report so I was just not surprised at all," Cathy recalled. "She was a character". (Culbreth): Apparently she dropped her pants and panties in the car. "Unbelievable. I'm sure those officers weren't happy to see that", Cathy said. The report also says that while in route to the jail, she told the officer that if she had a gun, she would shoot him.

But, back to the part about the crack pipe. (Culbreth): Did the cop reach down and pick it up? "Oh yea, he saw it fall," answered Cathy. (Culbreth): What'd he say? "He said, 'Oh, what's this'? And he picked it up and said 'oh, this is a really nice crack pipe'," said Cathy. (Culbreth): The cop said that? "Uh, huh," nodded Cathy. (Culbreth): What'd you think of that? "It was a little funny". (laughter)  

Young also apparently forgot who was arresting her and referred to the Cape Coral Police as the Florida Highway Patrol and said she's going to call the highest sergeant at the FHP and tell on them. Young was charged with Battery on an Officer and Possession of Drug Paraphenalia. She is still in jail as of Tuesday night.