Parents concerned for kids' safety after man brings guns to school


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Parents concerned for kids' safety after man brings guns to school

By Sara Belsole. CREATED Aug 27, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Things look clam and quiet at the Oasis Charter School, but some parents are still on edge.

"It was an isolated incident, however I have a lot of concerns," Parent Nancy Tracey said.

That concern revolves around 39-year-old Kenneth Pearson, who was arrested Monday afternoon for bringing guns onto the school's campus.

"He does not have a concealed weapons permit, two firearms where located in his vehicle, one loaded, one unloaded," Lt. Anthony Sizemore said.
The two officers at the school said they were on alert after Pearson's estranged wife, who works there, told them she was concerned for her safety. Police responded to their home over the weekend after Pearson allegedly threatened her.
"The fact that she told us he carries weapons and may show up...that's something we need to act on," Sizemore said.
And it didn't stop there.
After Pearson was released from jail shortly after midnight, he was arrested again Tuesday Morning for violating a no-contact order by sending his wife text messages.
Although Pearson didn't have a gun on his person and didn't threaten any kids, parents say his persistence still makes him a threat.
"We're not going to be notified when he gets out of jail and he has it out for a teacher there so that's not safe for me and my kids," Tracey said.
"Every parent is concerned, if there is bait there, meaning the woman he is after, what is going to keep the shark away?" Maryanna Parisi said.
And they have their own solution to keeping their kids safe.
"Putting a teacher on a paid administrative leave is a safer venue for all the students in totality," Tracey said.