One of area's most wanted fugitives is captured

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One of area's most wanted fugitives is captured

By Eric Maze. CREATED Aug 10, 2014

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- One of Southwest Florida's most wanted fugitives was captured Saturday in Hendry County.

Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers says Bruce Martin, who was wanted for violating probation on drug charges was taken into custody shortly before noon Saturday in Hendry County.

Martin was arrested along with his girlfriend, Johana Delrosa, who was also charged with posession of cocaine and other drug charges along with helping to hide a known fugitive from authorities.

Martin is a repeat offender, who was wanted in Lee County.

“These criminals may think they can outsmart the system, but they absolutely cannot,” said Trish Routte, Crime Stoppers Coordinator.  “Sooner or later, their legal malfunctions catch up with them and they have to face the full brunt of the consequences of their actions.  The US Marshals did an outstanding job hunting him down, and the arrest of his girlfriend for assisting in his obstruction of justice shows that there will be jail time for anyone who chooses to harbor a known criminal.”

Both Martin and Delrosa are currently in the Hendry County Jail.