North Port cop charged with sexual assault's personnel file


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North Port cop charged with sexual assault's personnel file

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Mar 21, 2014

NORTH PORT, Fla. - Our Four In Your Corner team coverage continues tonight as we're looking into the backgrounds of the two officers involved in the case.

FOX 4 Investigator Dave Culbreth joins us with what he found.

I spent this afternoon going through both officers personnel files. Officer Ricky Urbina spent seven years on the force, and his personnel file was practically spotless. It said he was a valuable, trusted, respected police officer and a credit to the North Port Police Department. The other officer, Melanie Turner's personnel file is much different. 

"We will continue to work tirelessly to rebuild the public trust that may have been lost as a result of these officers alleged actions". Those were the last words Kevin Vespia, the North Port Police Chief, had at a press conference Friday as other supervisors stood next to him.

But it was supervisors of that same department that, according to Turner's personnel file over the ten years she's been there, wrote things like;

"Officer Turner has been the focus of attention by her squad mates who constantly complain about her lack of teamwork".
"...she takes shortcuts and looks for the easy way out".
"...she has the ability and knowledge.....but only applies these skills when she feels like it".
"..she does not go out of her way to be productive....she tries harder to be unproductive".
"..she strives harder to get out of working calls than actually working them".
"...she consistently complains".
"...she did not respond to a call in her zone because she was eating pizza in dispatch. She was not on a meal break".
"(she) does not accept responsibility for her own behavior".

Friday, Turner made her first appearance in court after being charged with two felonies of a Principal to Sexual Battery and False Imprisonment.

"Melanie Turner was arrested on a warrant for the aforementioned charges and will remain on administrative leave without pay pending the completion of our internal investigation", said Vespia. She's been on the force for ten years and makes $61,000 a year.
"This case and the incident that have transpired as a result have had a great impact on the North Port community and employees of the North Port Police Department".