North Fort Myers roadways repaired after severe flooding


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North Fort Myers roadways repaired after severe flooding

By Christy Dimond. CREATED Oct 2, 2013

It’s been less than a week since north Fort Myers residents saw what they call the worst flooding in more than thirty years. While the situation is improving, residents still have concerns. 

"It's one of the worst years I've seen since the 80's... It was pretty bad this year... Finally got the county to come do something because we couldn't get in and out of the place,” North Fort Myers resident William Tucker said.
William Tucker has lived on Skipper Road nearly all of his life. It’s a private road, but Lee County recently sent construction crews to fix it… twice.
"They came out the second time and did better because they they didn't fix it the first time when they should have went ahead and fixed it,” Tucker said.
Tucker and many longtime residents have seen these roads water-logged many times before.
Neighbor Chris Hauser said the flooding aftermath used to be much worse.
“When I was kid we had floods out here that were literally up to your knees... you could chase fish up and down the roads with your vehicle and it went on for weeks and weeks,” Hauser said.
In nearby Charlotte county there is still work being done to repair roads that were not functional after the floods washed away the gravel.
Charlotte County Director of Public Works, Alan Holbach, was with crews on Williams Rd. today 
overseeing the work being done to make the road drivable again. 
"It was crater-filled... It was basically like a roller coaster with peaks and valleys and some of them making it very difficult to travel unless you had a four wheel drive vehicle and had a booster kit on it to lift it up,” Holbach said referring to the road's condition before crews repaired them.
Back on Skipper Road, residents still have concerns and are hoping for more assistance from Lee 
“If we got a big bad rain in a few days... we'd be flooded again,” Tucker said. 
Hauser added that he would like to see more rock deposited on the roads and the ditches cleaned out for better drainage. 
“Things have improved over the years and I expect that it will continue,” Hauser said.