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North Fort Myers man can't get drivers license renewed


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North Fort Myers man can't get drivers license renewed

By Sara Belsole. CREATED Aug 19, 2013

NORTH FT. MYERS, Fla. - A North Fort Myers man trying to renew his driver's license was turned away from a Lee County Tax Collector's Office because his birth certificate from from another country.

"I pull my social security card out, I pull out my driver's license out, and I pull out my proof of insurance card out and I pull out my birth certificate out and it's in German," Karl Vick said.

An American couple adopted Vick from Germany in 1953. Although Vick has spent the last 60 years in the US, his German birth certificate was lost in translation at the DMV.

"I feel like they basically called me an illegal alien," Vick said.

Event though Vick has had a Florida driver's license for more than two decades, he was turned away.

"It's humiliating, like I got slapped in the face," Vick said.
Fox 4 reached out to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. They told us this is all apart of a new law that went into effect in 2010 that requires more documentation to renew your license. But it can cause problems for those born in other countries, like Vick.
"Their birth certificate may be in a foreign language so it can't be read by a DMV examiner," Leslie Palmer, Communications Director for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles said.
And since Vicks' adoption papers and passport are also in German, it's up to the State to review his case.
"We just need to see if there is something in English that we can scan into our system," Palmer said.
But Vick said all that effort is just plain ridiculous.
"All of the sudden you have to prove you're an American citizen, I think that's getting a little bit out of hand personally," Vick said.