No specific warnings about pesticide spraying


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No specific warnings about pesticide spraying

By Tara Molina. CREATED Jul 22, 2014

FORT MYERS, FLA.- Mosquito spraying can ease the sting of summer in Southwest Florida, but one woman living in Fort Myers isn't happy with the way Lee County Mosquito Control informs the public about dates they're spraying. 

Beth Anderson is worried about her health and the health of her neighbors; 

"Currently medical decisions are being made by pilots and politicians when they should be made by patients and their providers."

Four in Your Corner took her concerns to Lee County Mosquito Control and they stood behind the pesticide they use, saying they're all safe. 

The agency posts spray dates and times on their website, which they say fulfills the legal requirement for notification. 

Anderson would like to see spray dates announced in daily news, but mosquito control said that's not possible; 

"If we had to postpone our treatment for a couple days, to get it in a paper or make other notification, we would miss that."

Tara Molina

Tara Molina

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Tara is a reporter for FOX 4.