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New details emerge in Fort Myers Beach double murder

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New details emerge in Fort Myers Beach double murder

By FOX 4 Staff. CREATED May 16, 2014

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. - Double murder suspect Michael Stephen Spiegel made his first appearance Friday morning to hear the charges stemming from a shooting on Fort Myers Beach that left Spiegel's ex-wife and her boyfriend dead.

The 70-year-old Spiegel is charged with two counts of first degree murder and one count of arson.

The killings occurred Thursday morning on a boat called Bella Mar at Salty Sam's Marina.

According to the arrest report, one of the victims, 69-year-old Marilyn Spiegel, called 911.  She could be heard frantically yelling at a man she identified as Michael, asking him to leave.

Her voice went from screaming to asking, "Michael, why are you doing this?"  Moments later the call ended.

Soon another call came in from an unidentified person on 911 and the sounds of screams and gunfire could be heard.

Deputies quickly arrived and found Michael Spiegel walking away from the area wearing a raincoat, covered in blood.  He told deputies that he had gone to the boat to speak to his ex-wife.

Deputies went to the Bella Mar and found Marilyn Spiegel dead along with 70-year-old Harry Carlip.Deputies also found a small fire with a propane torch burning through an interior wall inside the boat.  In addition they found all the knobs on the stove turned to the on position.

A witness told detectives they saw Spiegel walking with a briefcase to the Bella Mar.  A short time later he heard three gunshots, then he saw Spiegel drop something while standing at the front of the boat before departing with the briefcase.

Inside the briefcase detectives found a gun, a blood stained knife, plastic zip ties, duct tape, a sexual aid and lubricant.

Family members tell Fox 4 Marilyn Spiegel and Harry Carlip were set to be married this weekend.

"I am in shock, we all are," Carlip's ex-wife, Freddi Carlip, said. "It's just beyond words that something like this could happen. I just don't understand, maybe we never will know what would drive somebody to do this kind of thing."

Michael Spiegel sailed to Fort Myers on April 18th. The Fort Myers Yacht Basin says he arrived from Miami with his son and dog and paid for a one-month lease at the marina for his boat the Rogue Dog.

"He was dirty. He needed a lot of help," Fort Myers Yacht Basin Dock Master Lief Lustig said. "When I saw him it was the feeling you get when someone is in the middle of a project, their clothes are dirty, their finger nails are dirty, they're scruffy and unshaven."

Spiegel's boat was also dirty and in need of repairs. Lustig said he worked on the boat often and was told a few times he was being too loud.

"He was a little more bizarre than most but it didn't lead you to believe he was a violent person," Lustig said.

On Thursday, investigators searched the Rogue Dog.

"We saw the crime investigators vans pull up and a few officers went on board the vessel and they were there for probably a couple of hours looking at different things and taking things out," neighbor James Bayless said.

Lustig says he hasn't seen Spiegel's son since they arrived. The one-month lease expires Sunday.