Naples bar makes bold statement about Rep. Radel's cocaine bust


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Naples bar makes bold statement about Rep. Radel's cocaine bust

By Katie Jones. CREATED Nov 21, 2013

NAPLES, Fla.-  From late night to local businesses, the jokes about Congressman Trey Radel's cocaine crisis have made bold statements in Southwest Florida and the entire country.

Owners of the North Naples Country Club on Tamiami Trail posted "Congressman Radel doesn't do cocaine, he just likes the way it smells" on a sign outside the business.

"When I was putting it up yesterday, I had like two letters left to go and I've got people waving and honking as I finished putting them up," owner Michael Combs said.
The Radel punchline was put up for humor, but owners said what the Congressman did is nothing to laugh about.
"You'd probably get fired working at McDonalds doing the same thing, so I think he needs to bow down," Combs said.
The sign has been the topic of conversation with bar customers. William Dolan agrees with the sign 100% and said Congressman Radel needs to face the consequences for his criminal act.
"Well I've seen a lot of that stuff up North. I see a habit forming and I wouldn't want that guy around me and my children," Dolan said.
The message may be bold, but bar owners said the response has been positive.
"I'm sure there are people out there that don't agree with me, but they haven't showed up here," Combs said.
While the sign will eventually come down, owners said the crime will never be erased.
"His words were, 'I made a mistake' and I'm thinking it was the voters who made a mistake when they put him in this position. Your credibility has been blown out of the water," Combs said.
Katie Jones

Katie Jones

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Katie Jones is a reporter for FOX 4 news.