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Mourners honor young motorcyclist killed in Cape Coral


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Mourners honor young motorcyclist killed in Cape Coral

CREATED Jul 26, 2013

 CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Dozens of people gathered for a tearful memorial where a 20 year-old motorcyclist was killed Thursday night.

Miguel Gonzalez died from injuries he sustained after his Honda motorcycle clipped an SUV driven by a 17 year old near the intesection of Skyline Boulevard & Chiquita.

Friday evening, as the sun was setting, mourners gathered on the side of the road near the intersection and placed a cross in honor of Miguel.

Many also wore green - Miguel's favorite color - t-shirts and  held green baloons which they released in his honor. 

His friends said they were still in shock. 

Ed Mix described his disbelief when a friend told them Miguel had died.

"As wrong as it sounds, you don't know if your friend is joking with you or if he's really serious," he sais.

"It's something hard to believe - to take in and undestand."

"It's a tragedy that nobody should ever go through," he added.

Another friend, John Grant said he was in denial when he first heard a motorcycle fitting the description of Miguel's was in a devastating wreck at the intersection Thursday night. 

"I was just hoping it wasn't him," said Grant. 

"He's been an amazing friend to me."

" He's like a little brother and he was part of the family," Grant added. 

The memorial also drew a number of motorcyclists from around the area.

Many did not know Miguel personally, but say it was important for them to be there. 

("It's) for support for the family," said Wayne Cerra who's the president of the American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (A.B.A.T.E.)

 "We're all in the motorcycle community it doesn't matter what you ride," he said

"We are all brothers and sisters out there looking to protect each other."

Investigators have not said what exactly happened before the wreck.

But they have ruled out alcohol or drugs as factors. 

Cerra said regardless of what the investigation finds, the tragedy should be a reminder for all drivers. 

"Miguel didn't make it home last night," he said.

"We don't know why, but he didn't make it home."

He points out this is the not the first motorcycle  wreck in the area recently. 

"There three in less than a month on Del Prado," said Cerra who had his own traumatic experience on Skyline Boulevard last year. 

"It'll be a year ago Tuesday when I was hit on Skyline and left for dead."

"Every day I see something this, I think we need to stop and get control of what's going on," said Cerra.

"It's just too much."