More flooding concerns in North Fort Myers


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More flooding concerns in North Fort Myers

By Christy Dimond. CREATED Sep 5, 2013

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. - Several areas of North Fort Myers are still underwater tonight after severe rainfall earlier this week.  Lee County has stepped in to help with some private roads and now homeowners along other private roads are also pleading for help. 

The Department of Transportation completed laying gravel on Skipper, Welborn, Haskins and Bradley roads, all of which were declared to be in a State of Emergency.  Now, families along Golden Road say they're being ignored. 
"I have called the county commissioner, I have called the fire department, I have called the health department, I have talked with everybody and nobody seems to listen to what we have to say," said resident April Hoskins.
Golden Road is a private road so the county will only provide the road is declared a State of Emergency.  In order for that declaration to be made, the road has to be in such bad shape that a brush truck cannot get through. Lee County Public Safety Director Rob Farmer said when mail can't be delivered or personal cars can't get through a street, while those are nuisances, those situations don't require a State of Emergency declaration. 
"For us to intervene and touch their private road, it has to be a life safety emergency," Farmer said.
Whenever someone makes a complaint about a road, the Emergency Operations Center sends the fire department out to determine if the road can be driven in an emergency.  John Meredith, Assistant Fire Chief at North Fort Myers Fire Department, said his crews have evaluated Golden Road and deemed it to be passable, although that can change if more rain falls. 
These residents said they can maintain the road themselves if they can get the material to build it back up.
"Please help us... We're not asking for asphalt to be put down, we're asking for fill to be put down... we can maintain it after that, we just need the fill," Hoskins said. 
Farmer said crews will continue evaluating roads in the area until the flooding improves.  Anyone with concerns about the condition of their road is encouraged to call the Lee County Department of Public Safety at 239-533-3911.