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Possibility of "Mike Brown law"


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Possibility of "Mike Brown law"

By Tara Molina. CREATED Aug 28, 2014

FORT MYERS. FLA.- A national petititon, called Michael Brown's law, is asking for a federal law requiring all law enforcement to wear cameras. 

The petition stems from the police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. 

Michael Chionopoulos is a local attorney and professor at FGCU and he says that making the petition into a law may be tricky; 

"In almost every case that I've had, whether it's a DUI a traffic stop anything, I've always had video of it."

Chionopoulos says that video can make all the difference; 

"I think those video tapes have helped us as lawyers, police the police force and make sure they do their job correctly."

The proposed Michael Brown law would require all state, local, and county police to wear a camera. 

Chionopoulos says cops shouldn't be afraid of recording their actions;

"The video might vindicate the officer. The video might vindicate the decedent."

Now for the law to actually pass- a member of congress would need to draft a bill, that bill would need to pass committees within the house and the senate, pass votes in both and then be signed by the President.

Chinopoulos believes a federal law might be too much;

"Is this really the federal government's place?"

Four in Your Corner checked with our local communities - calling the Lee County Sheriff's Office which does use dashboard cameras.

Sheriff Mike Scott released this statement; "We have been reviewing the body camera technology and various applications to the extent that we have already field-tested several models with our Patrol Deputies over the last year or more.  We are committed to public safety and officer safety and to that end we will pursue all options in the furtherance of our mission."

 The Collier County Sheriff's office released this statement; "Our deputies don’t currently wear body cameras. However, we are watching some pilot programs around the nation and discussing them as we move forward with our budget process."
Tara Molina

Tara Molina

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Tara is a reporter for FOX 4.