Man told he has to buy his stolen jewelry back


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Man told he has to buy his stolen jewelry back

By Christy Dimond. CREATED Aug 21, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Imagine getting your property stolen, locating it at a pawn shop, and being told you have to purchase your own stolen items back.  That's what happened to one Cape Coral man, so he turned to Fox Four in Your Corner for some investigating. 

Someone stole two of Dale Bonner's gold necklaces from his home, so he filed a police report. Cape Coral Police located the jewelry at the Check Cashing shop at 631 East Cape Coral Parkway, just a block from Bonner's house.  
Police called Bonner to have him meet them at the shop and identify the necklaces.  When he arrived, the shop told him he would have to buy his items back for 328 dollars- the amount the store paid for them. 
"It doesn't seem right, I already bought it once and now I have to buy it again?" he said. 
According to Florida Statute 539.001 (15)(a), if someone claims their items have been stolen and are being sold at a pawnshop, they have two options.  The victim can either choose to work it out with the pawnshop, and buy the items back, or file suit in court.  
If the court finds the property is stolen, the court will order the pawnshop to return the property to the victim and pay the victim for legal costs.  The court will then order the person who stole the jewelry to repay the pawnbroker the full amount they received for the property, plus all of the service charges.  
Bonner said he will do whatever it takes to get back his necklaces, which he's had for more than 30 years.