Makeshift parking lot kills burrowing owl


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Makeshift parking lot kills burrowing owl

By Tara Molina. CREATED Aug 19, 2014

CAPE CORAL, FLA.- A Cape Coral woman is worried about the burrowing owl nest in the vacant lot next to her house- she says that one owl has already been killed.

Theresa Cline told Four in Your Corner that her neighbors are consistently parking in an area feet from the owls' nest; 

"This spring they gave birth to six babies. One got run over by a car. We don't know who did it."

But she suspects it was one of the many people who park on the lot;

"Where they are parked, they could easily pull up and run over one and not even know it."

Four in Your Corner took Cline's concerns to Cape Coral Code Enforcement, who shared a long list of their visits to the property- seventeen total.

We told Cline what they told us; "They've only seen a car in front of the nest one or two times. Are they going by at the wrong time?" "Right, because when they do it, you know, I call and leave a message. Whenever they get the message, sometimes it's on the weekends so they might not get it till Monday, well they've moved the car by then."

At this point, Cline is hoping there's another course of action the city can take to protect the owls; 

"I would love to have a sign up that states this is an owl protected, protected owl nest. And then the no parking signs, for people who still don't get it."


Tara Molina

Tara Molina

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Tara is a reporter for FOX 4.