Lehigh woman finds worms in canned, pink salmon


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Lehigh woman finds worms in canned, pink salmon

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED Feb 27, 2014

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. - A Lehigh Acres woman turns to Four in Your Corner for help. She found something disgusting in what she bought at a local Walmart. 

For Sharon Moss, shopping at Walmart in Lehigh Acres is a Sunday routine. 

"We were just there for regular groceries," said Moss.

But when she brought home two cans of Great Value brand pink salmon, she was horrified.

"When I separated the salmon, that's when I saw them within the meat," explained Moss. "First I saw something that looked like intestines, so I took that out.  When I took that out, I saw the worms."

Dozens of them, as pictures she took on Tuesday show after she saw in the batter of her salmon croquettes.  

"How did you feel looking at all that?" Fox 4 asked Moss. "Gross," she replied. "Grossed out. It made me sick to my stomach."

Fired up, she immediately called Walmart.

"The product needs to be taken off the shelf and the consumers need to know what's going on," hopes Moss.

A representative told her to freeze the can while they send an envelope to mail it back.

"I don't think [they were] really concerned," said Moss. "It was like an everyday run of the mill sort of thing."

So, Fox 4 stepped in to help. We called and e-mailed the company's media department who tell us its food safety team has been in touch with the Great Value supplier to try and get to the bottom of what happened.  They say they take these concerns very seriously and have also reached out to the customer.

Moss said she hopes Walmart removes the salmon from its shelves immediately.

"It's not about the money they're going to lose, it's about protecting the consumers, the public," said Moss.

Regardless, it's changed the way she feeds her family.

"I will never ever buy canned meat again," said Moss. "Never!"