Lee and Collier residents rally for clean water on Ft. Myers Beach


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Lee and Collier residents rally for clean water on Ft. Myers Beach

By Sara Belsole. CREATED Oct 19, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 20, 2013

FT. MYERS BEACH, Fla. -  The Ft. Myers Beach waters may not look as dark as they did earlier this summer, but protesters say that doesn't mean the problem is solved. They hit the beach today for a clean water rally.

"To send the message that the community always overcomes crisis, even organizer John Heim said.

And this community ranges from coast to coast. People from the East Coast joined in on today's rally.

"This is not just a one town problem not a one county problem  it's an entire state problem, an entire country problem, it's really an entire world problem," Megan Remick from the East Coast said.
For Andrea Kordecki, it's an everyday problem. She works on the Ft. Myers Beach Pier selling bait and renting fishing poles, but this dark water has been bad for business.
"No one wants to fish, they say oh what can you catch out here, probably nothing right? And i can't say  no, I can't say anything to it because it's the truth," Kordecki said.
And if they do fish, Kordecki says it's fresh water fish they're catching. And it's not pretty.
"It was tan, it was nasty, the fins were black, the gills looked light potato chips and it was just sick looking ," Kordecki said.
Even though summer is coming to a close, event organizers say they will continue to fight.
"When the water is out of sight out of mine we really rev up," Heim said.
So maybe one day Kordecki's luck will change on the pier.
"Everyday I want to come out there in the morning and smell salt water but I smell a lake, it's not fair," Kordecki said.