Large shark washes up on Fort Myers Beach, keeps vacationers out of the water


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Large shark washes up on Fort Myers Beach, keeps vacationers out of the water

By Julian Glover. CREATED Aug 10, 2013

 FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. - A five-foot shark washed ashore on Fort Myers Beach on Friday keeping vacationers out of the water.

Bridget Drake spotted the shark, sending several pictures to Fox 4. 

Drake says the shark washed ashore Friday morning, around 9AM between The Outrigger Beach Resort and The Sand Piper Beach Resort. 

"It was just laying there on the beach, a couple of feet from the water," said Drake. 

She was on a family vacation to the Southwest Florida beaches.

"Honestly it's kinda freaky, I've never seen a shark up close like that before," said Drake, "only on TV so I really didn't know how to react."

But Drake reacted like most of us would nowadays. She pulled out her phone and started snapping pictures, even though she says she was freaked out by the entire thing. 

"It's nerve-wrecking almost to know that it's not just on TV anymore. It's actually happening in reality," said Drake. 

It's happening in reality, but sharks have been all over the internet and on TV in the past week. 

On Monday, a teen was bitten by a shark at the beaches in Sanibel.

A shark was found dead on an empty NYC subway train earlier this week. 

But the biggest stage for sharks was the 26th season of Discovery Channel's annual series, "Shark Week." 

While the specials on "Shark Week" can often scare viewers from getting into the water out of fear, the shark discovered by Bridget Drake was no longer able to attack.

So she and her entire family took advantage of it; they took turns lining up for pictures to prove they saw one of nature's most dangerous creatures in person. 

"Everybody is photoshopping these days, so we decided we should probably get in there so they can see that it's actually us," said Drake. 

Fox 4 reached out to fish and wild life experts and they told us that it's unlikely that the recent murky water releases from Lake O caused the shark to wash up on shore and they don't know what may have killed the animal.