Is cold snap affecting local businesses?


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Is cold snap affecting local businesses?

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Jan 17, 2014

Fort Myers Beach, Fla. -

Many people and businesses in this area depend on the tourist industry for survival. So, is this cold weather snap affecting local businesses? Four In Your Corner's Dave Culbreth went out today to see about this.

We went out towards Ft. Myers Beach this evening wondering how this little chili spell is affecting businesses...if at all. We asked a sightseeing captain, a water sports captain and a fishing captain.

"When the wind is heavy and the water is stirred up it makes it real cloudy and hard to see through and it makes the fish bite not so much," said Tony xxxx. He runs Reality Sportfishing and says he sees the problem with this short spell as a short term problem.
(Culbreth):Is is a function at all of cold or that really doesn't matter, people bundle up and they don't care? That doesn't make any difference it's just the wind," he replied.

He says he's also sees this problem every winter over the years and says from a fishing standpoint, it's not the cold that's the issue, it's the fact that it's windy and that makes it hard to see beneath the water surface. "You can only see about this deep through it today," he said. "Everyday it gets better and better but it's supposed to get windy again tonight." Culbreth: Is that typical this time of year? "Yep. Windy in the winter, yep."

On the other hand Jessica DeGraw is one of the few woman captains around. She takes people on sightseeing tours and says they bundle up and that it...."hasn't really made too much of a difference. People come down from up north and when it's below zero they want to get out on the water and enjoy the time." Culbreth: So, it's warm to them no matter what? "Exactly. They're out there in shorts and flip flops," DeGraw said.

This company, FMB FlyBoard, does jet ski trips and adventures. the owner says the cold weather doesn't matter, partially because he provides wet suits so no one really gets very cold. "We've had a lot of northerners recently, a lot of people coming down from Canada and Germany and the cold weather doesn't seem to bother them at all." Culbreth: This is nice to them huh? "It is. This is a heat wave(laughter)"

They all said that, although, they don't like it, it happens once in a while this time of year and they're used to it. However, having said that, they told me they certainly don't want it to last any longer than necessary or it will then become a big problem.