Hundreds in Lee County line up for a Playstation 4


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Hundreds in Lee County line up for a Playstation 4

By Barry Miller. CREATED Nov 14, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - The holiday season hasn't officially kicked off but hundreds have already lined up hoping to get their hands on a brand new Playstation 4.

"I spend pretty much 24 hours playing the game. I don't sleep. I'd rather play the game then eat," Steven Heredia said.

The anticipation is almost unbearable for video game lovers who stood outside all day for a chance to take home the PS4.

"This is a huge deal. We haven't had a next generation council launch in seven years," Best Buy sales manager Bradley Weston said.

The brand new Playstation 4 was up for grabs at midnight, and for die hard gamers like Steven Heredia, this system is the cream of the video game crop.

"Looking for the better graphics, the game play is supposed to be better," Heredia said.

"There will be people who wait outside to make sure they get one of these items. Quantities are sometime limited, but we are going to be able to fulfill all pre-orders and have some for other customers," Weston said.

But the extra enhancements were not what had mom Valli Brown camping out.

"He thinks I'm in a meeting for work and I'm really here for Christmas," Brown said.

She said it was all for her 19-year-old son who's been dreaming of the Playstation 4, and is in for one big surprise.

"I'm waiting for him to open the box. For that smile to slowly go from ear to ear, and take a picture that'll be my reward, my Christmas present," Brown said.