House panel to investigate Rep. Trey Radel

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House panel to investigate Rep. Trey Radel

By Eric Maze. CREATED Dec 16, 2013

WASHINGTON DC -- Another political setback for Florida Congressman Trey Radel, as he tries to resurrect his career after a drug bust.

The House Ethics Committee will investigate Radel, of Fort Myers, and determine whether he violated conduct codes or laws relating to his duties as a lawmaker. The investigation will be up to a bi-partisan panel of fellow members of the House of Representatives.

The move follows Radel's guilty plea for cocaine possession on Nov. 20th. Radel has been in rehab in Naples for the past three weeks. He will spend the next 12 months on probation, but he vows to remain in office.

While Florida's governor and other key Florida lawmakers have called on Radel to resign, any reprimand by the House of Representatives could further damage his attempts to keep his job.

A Radel spokesman issued a statement Monday evening regarding the pending probe.

"Congressman Radel has acknowledged and accepted full responsibility for his actions and is committed to continuing and completing a treatment program that will help him overcome his personal problems. He expected that the House Ethics Committee would look into the matter and intends to appropriately address the investigation initiated by the House Ethics Committee."