Collier County boaters speak of rescue after boat capsizes in the Gulf


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Collier County boaters speak of rescue after boat capsizes in the Gulf

By Katie Jones. CREATED Sep 9, 2013

MARCO ISLAND, Fla.- A group of Naples boaters were rescued Sunday night after their boat capsized 17 miles south of Caxambas pass near Marco Island.

David Lee says he, his son Skylar and their friends were wrapping up a day on the water Sunday when storms rolled in.

" I let off on the gas and I stopped, when I did that everything went black, everything stopped the only thing that was lit was the GPS with the coordinates." Lee said.

Lee said one of the passengers called 911 as water started to pour in.

"45 min go by we're still sitting in the boat we've got 2-3 inches in the boat now it's taking on water so we call them back." Lee said.

Lee said after making a couple more calls for help, the six passengers including 13-year-old Skylar went overboard.

"We're going down, the kids everybody we're all going in the water right now." Lee said.

"As soon as we flipped all that was going through my head was finding the boat lights and yelling at them." Lee's son Skylar said.

Passenger Frank Stute said that's when fear started sinking in.

"We chummed the waters so we thought 'uh oh' any minute the sharks are going to come." Stute said.

The boaters said after holding on to what felt like an eternity, the Coast Guard came to the rescue.

"By the time they came and got me in the boat, I swallowed and ingested so much water all I could do was puke and choke." Lee said.
The families said they're grateful for the first responders and their service.
"The guys that came out and did help us are wonderful thank you very much you did an awesome job of taking care of us." Lee said.
"Thank God for them otherwise we wouldn't be here talking to you about it today." Stute said.
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