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Fort Myers teen killed in Bartow car crash


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Fort Myers teen killed in Bartow car crash

By Sara Belsole. CREATED Aug 20, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A Fort Myers teenager was killed after his SUV slammed into a steel pillar on U.S 17 in Bartow Monday.

18-year-old Odin Firing died instantly.

"I was in shock that he had passed because he has been fighting so hard to get ahead in life and he had finally got to that point with starting college and everything he was on top of the world at the moment," Robert gale, who owns Extreme Range paintball facility, said.

Firing's Facebook page says he graduated from Cypress Lake High School and shows photos of him in action on the paintball field and playing the guitar.

"I have never met anybody that was such a passionate person with music and as well as paintball himself. He was a phenomenal guitarist," Gale said.
Gale said he has known Firing since they started playing paintball in 2005.
"The kid could have changed the world in more ways than one, he was such a bright and caring kid, he was the politest person I had ever met in my life ," Gale said.