Fort Myers Police set traps for killer dogs


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Fort Myers Police set traps for killer dogs

By Warren Wright. CREATED Nov 7, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Local pets are being targeted by by a pack of pit bulls running loose in East Fort Myers.

In the past two weeks there have been three separate attacks.
One young man's prize winning rabbit was mauled to death. 
Some parents are so concerned they won't let their children outside unaccompanied after sunset.
The Fort Myers Police Department is taking this very seriously, even going so far as to set up traps to capture these killer dogs.
Jeremy  raises and shows rabbits for 4-H.
But his prize winning rabbit was killed in the middle of the night by three pit bulls.
Jeremy says "it was really sad because it was my best show bunny."
Jeremy's mom woke up at 4:30 in the morning and tried to scare the dogs away.
Coleene said "We came out to find the cage had been torn apart with our rabbit in it. and the rabbit laid on the ground with a wound on its side and it wasn't moving."
Jeremy added that "the side of the cage.. with the metal weldings on it was ripped off, and the rabbit was just mauled."
After the second attack the FMPD set up a trap.
They've been doing special patrols at night and check the trap regularly to make sure its operational.
Coleene is grateful to the police but she and other mothers like her in the neighborhood aren't taking chances.  
The same dogs attacked another neighbor's rabbit cage just down the street.
Coleene says that "After the sunsets.. there has to be an adult out here.... even in our backyard."
Jeremy still does his chores-  and takes care of his other rabbits and buried the one that was killed because he says "I felt responsible to bury him."
In the meantime, Jeremy will continue to compete in 4-H, but he says he's always looking over his shoulder while doing his chores and added, "I just want them caught."
FMPD is actively looking for the dogs, which appear to be well fed and groomed.  
They have only been spotted late at night.
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