Flooding causing potholes in Cape Coral


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Flooding causing potholes in Cape Coral

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED Sep 27, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - All the recent rain causing flooding and now potholes, Cape Coral drivers are upset and they want the city to get on it. Fast.

On Hancock Bridge Parkway off NE 8th Place, the gaping hole is more than just an eyesore.

"They definitely should probably fix them," said Chris Duffy, of Tampa, visiting his parents in Cape Coral.

To Duffy, it's a car-wrecker. "It's probably going to mess up the alignment of my wheels," he said.

The pothole is one of more than 1,000 the city handles a month. During the summer, that number doubles to 2,000. The reason: rain seeps into cracks forcing them to widen. Cars pounding those areas makes them worse.

"We're actively trying to patch those as quickly as we can," said Steve Niff, the director of Public Works.

The city says the last few days of flooding has especially strained its 3,000 miles of roadway. Fixing them is high priority.

"We have two full time pot hole patching crews," explained Niff. "We've authorized them to extend some overtime and so we're attacking those potholes."

For Rachel Palumbo, filling them can't come soon enough.

"The whole car shakes and one of my shocks could easily go out," said Palumbo, of Cape Coral.

They're shocks Stephen Brown tries to avoid in his pick-up at all costs.

"We need to get rid of them," said Brown, of Cape Coral. "They're not good. "They're going to ruin vehicles."

The city wants anyone who sees a pothole to report it, saying it takes three business days to identify the hole but they will get fixed. The number to call is Cape coral's Citizen Action Center at 574-0425.