First annual Ocean Float for Life held at Fort Myers Beach


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First annual Ocean Float for Life held at Fort Myers Beach

By Sara Belsole. CREATED Jul 13, 2014

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. - Dozens hit the water on Fort Myers Beach Sunday for the first annual Ocean Float for Life.

"It's like the most relaxing thing you can ever do," participant Shelby Peters said.

But it's more than just relaxing.

"You feel connected to yourself, connected to the water and that's our goal," event organizer Dr. Shelley Lynch said. "We want people to connect to the water so that they know they can make a change."

Lynch and her husband created the event to help inspire change when it comes to the Lake Okeechobee releases and dirty water. A reported 111 manatees, 46 dolphins and 300 birds died from exposure to pollutants.

The Ocean Float for Life is geared at giving people a relaxing experience in the water so they understand the importance of clean water.

"We wanted to do something that's a positive experience as opposed to something that might be more of a negative view, how horrible it is," Lynch said. "It is horrible, but let's do something that's positive and uplifting to make the change."
Tyrone Humbles says he didn't know what to expect when he went out into the water, but says it was a great experience.
"It's like you just let everything go and they used to say cast your troubles on the water and I think I just did," Humbles said.
About three dozen went into the Gulf of Mexico in groups of three. Each person took turns supporting each other and floating for ten minutes each.
"Ten minutes," Peters said. "I could have done it for two hours."
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