Facebook group wants to help couple with snake infestation


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Facebook group wants to help couple with snake infestation

By Lisa Greenberg. CREATED Aug 9, 2014

 PUNTA GORDA, Fla. - A couple living in a snake-infested home is finally getting the help they've been looking for - from Facebook.

Kimberly Winter and Jerry Bussel are part of a Facebook group called "Reptile Connection." They reached out to Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg saying they wanted to help Alissia Scott and Raymond Hisler in this slithery situation.

"I posted within our group as soon as I seen it and asked if anybody would like to come out and help out," Bussel said. "The response was terrific."

Bussel started the Facebook group. He said it's for reptile enthusiasts from all over Florida to connect.

"If we can come in there as a group, I'm quite sure that we could take care of the issue in just a few hours." Bussel told Fox 4. "And it would definitely be free of charge."

That's right, the group wants to help the couple for free.

The couple has found found 49 snakes so far.

"Which I'm guessing is probably close to probably three separate clutches. Obviously the possibility of there being more," Bussel said.

That means at least three momma snakes could be lingering. 

The group identified these snakes as baby black racers, and compared their bite to a cat scratch. But the group's administrator Kimberly Winter said they're still agressive.

"They have been known to chase people," Winter said.

As for where the slithery slueths are coming from...

"My best guess is probably underneath the house," Bussel said.

"Dryer vents, AC work... if there are any vents. Anything like that," Winter told Fox 4.

If the couple can't find out where the snakes are coming from, they'll have this issue every year. But Bussel said that's not an option.

"We will find any eggs that are left over. We will find any snakes that happen to still be there. We will remove them. Simple as that."

Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg reached out to Scott and Hisler. They were excited about Reptile Connection's offer. They said their landlord is sending out pest control tomorrow, but if the problem continues, they'll be contacting the group.