FOX 4 helps couple stay in their apartment


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FOX 4 helps couple stay in their apartment

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Jul 31, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Alex Kinghorn was born in Cuba, moved to the United States early on, joined the air force, is a retired veteran, then lived in Miami most of his life.

Three months ago he and his wife decided they'd enough of Miami so they packed up all of their stuff and decided to get a rental in Cape Coral for Southwest Florida’s peace and tranquility. Instead, he’s been met with stress. He says within three weeks of signing a lease and moving into a new place he was told to get out.


They signed a lease May first, then moved in. Three weeks later the building was sold and the new owner came to the door and told them, "You have to leave,” said Kinghorn. He said, “I have a contract. I have a lease for one year. But then he was told, 'no you have to leave now'.

Kinghorn says the landlord told him that because of the pool, the dock, and the waterway behind his house, they want to turn it into seasonal rentals. A fact the landlord later confirmed to FOX4.

But, Kinghorn says they had already spent a lot of money in deposit, rent, blinds, and other things. "About $6,000,” he told reporter Dave Culbreth, who asked, “You put $6,000 into this place and then they told you that you have to leave?” Kinghorn replied, “Yes sir."

The landlord would not do an on camera interview but told FOX4 over the phone, “the previous owner had bad paperwork, it was hard to understand”. After a few minutes, the landlord said, "It was an honest mistake and I want to do what's right." Then they said, "I'll send him a letter saying he can stay."

Then they did. This was emailed to the couple and said, "please disregard the lease termination sent to you on June 29. That letter is hereby rescinded."

Kinghorn was elated, "That's why we called you,” he said. “And what has taken us since June 26th or 27th when we got the letter, it took you about five hours to resolve"

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