Eaglet fever soars to new heights in Southwest Florida, across the internet


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Eaglet fever soars to new heights in Southwest Florida, across the internet

By Julian Glover. CREATED Dec 26, 2013

 NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. - The birth of two new eaglets is causing a big buzz here in Southwest Florida and is gaining popularity around the internet. 

The two eaglets were born within a week of each other: the first one Tuesday and the second, like a present from Santa, arrived on Christmas Day. 

Since the hatchings, countless people have made their way to the home of the eagles at the Dick Pritchett Realty lot in North Fort Myers. 

Some come equipped with gear like high-tech binoculars and fancy cameras  to see the eaglets, others come with just an iPhone to snap a picture. 

Marry Baker is an avid bird watcher, she says that she just had to come and see the new eagles in person. 

"One was born yesterday, on was born three days ago," said Baker, "It's just exciting!" 

On the ground, it's hard to see what's going on inside the nest, that's why millions of people have turned to the internet.

A pair of "Eagle Cams" have been streaming live video around the clock for all to see. 

Since the cams came online a year ago the website has had about 20million hits from across the world. 

The Wood's family is visiting from New York and until today they were one of the millions checking out the eagles online, but say nothing compares to the real thing. 

"You can only see the nest on the 'Eagle Cam' so we got to see where they actually live and see the surrounding area, which is nice," said Molly Woods.

Not to worry, the eaglets will be here for a while. 

It took the duo over a month to hatch and it'll be another three months until they can fly. 

If you'd like to get in on the eaglet fever you can try your hand at naming the two eagles when you enter the naming contest. 

To enter the contest click here

If you'd like to checkout the conditions of the eaglets around the clock, checkout the "Eagle Cams".