Dump trucks spur safety concerns along Corkscrew Rd, LCSO cracks down


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Dump trucks spur safety concerns along Corkscrew Rd, LCSO cracks down

By Julian Glover. CREATED Nov 7, 2013

ESTERO, Fla. - Drivers and residents along Corkscrew Rd are expressing renewed safety concerns as the Collier Co. beach re-nourishment project hauls on. 

Even before the sun rose this morning, packs of dump trucks filled Corkscrew Rd in Estero, hauling tons of sand onto I-75 for the Collier Co. beach re-nourishment project. 

As day broke the problem became more visible, dump trucks speeding down Corkscrew Rd. and concerning drivers. 

"When they go 70 miles-per-hour and someone gets hit by a car, they're gonna get killed," said one driver.  

"The dump trucks really do pick up more than 45 miles-per-hour when they come past us," said another concerned driver. 

Drivers have complained and the Lee County Sheriffs Office is acting.

Our cameras were rolling today as several sheriff's deputies patrolled the area. 

"I saw a strong presence this morning of the sheriffs department which was really nice. I know that will slow them down," said another driver. 

But what we found as we camped out along Corkscrew Rd was that the majority of those pulled over were cars, not dump trucks. 

The trucks, for the most part, seemed to be following the law. 

Numbers from the Sheriff's Office shows the same trend. Since the sand haul started three weeks ago, deputies have written three times as many traffic citations for cars as they have for trucks headed down Corkscrew Rd. 

LCSO says 92 cars have received citations and only 34 trucks have. 

Also to note, the number of trucks listed above includes ALL trucks along that route, not just those hauling sand to Collier Co. 

While most welcome the deputies patrolling the area, others worry that when and how the area is being patrolled may be ineffective. 

"It's just the hours they're not there - that's my concern. Especially at night," said another driver.