Dispute leaves woman in flooded apartment with no A/C


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Dispute leaves woman in flooded apartment with no A/C

By Liza Fernandez. CREATED Apr 28, 2014

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A disabled Cape Coral woman who's in a dispute with her landlord has been living in a flooded apartment with no air conditioning for weeks.

A bad car accident left Deborah Hawk disabled.

She walks with a limp and breathes through her trachea.

She moved to Cape Coral because cold weather made it hard for her to get around.

On a fixed income, she said she has nowhere to turn now that her apartment is unlivable.

"My floor was soaken wet. My kitchen was wet. I slipped and almost fell. I was scared," said Hawk about the morning earlier this month when her problem began.

The maintenance man came by and reportedly thought it was a clogged A/C line and blew it out.

"But I'm still having a big problem with water all in my living room, the hallway, my bedroom, kitchen floor. I can smell the mold in my bedroom, real bad. I have a hard time breathing," Hawk told reporter Liza Fernandez. 

The landlord is out of town, but said over the phone he built the apartments 30 years ago and has rarely had an issue with a tenant since.

In fact, he called Hawk a  problem tenant.

"I had them come out the other day to check make sure it wasn't any plumbing leak. We're having a problem with the A/C... and she calls up screaming. I think what it my be is my manager and her have a little thing because she's so rude," said landlord Bob Biascotti.

But Liza asked the landlord if so-called "rudeness' is really an issue when it comes to living conditions:

"You really can't have people living in a flooded apartment," suggested Liza. 

Biascotti responded,"He [the maintenance manager] told me it really wasn't that bad. And he told me as soon as we find out what it is, he was going to suck up the water."

The maintenance manager did stop by with a fan, and we were told an appliance repair company has been called.   

"I try to be a really good landlord. This one slipped by me," said Biascotti.

"I want them to fix it," said Hawk.

Fox 4 will follow up to make sure the situation gets resolved.