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Dan A. Hughes to cease oil exploration in Collier County


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Dan A. Hughes to cease oil exploration in Collier County

By John Rinkenbaugh. CREATED Jul 12, 2014

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- The controversy surrounding fracking in Collier County appears to be at an end.

The Dan A. Hughes Company released a statement Friday saying it would relinquish its mineral lease in Southwest Florida and cease oil and natural gas exploration in the area.

Hughes further stated that it believes its activities at the Collier Hogan well caused no harm to the environment and was compliant with Florida law.

Hughes says it will continue to work with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on details related to ongoing operations at the permitted Collier Hogan 20-3H well, and remains committed to fulfilling the provisions of the Consent Order related to that well. 

As a result of today’s decision, the company is withdrawing its permit request related to the planned well adjacent to the Golden Gate Estates development. 

There is still major concern from neighbors and environmentalists who want the permit for the Collier Hogan well revoked as well.

"We really feel that this highlights a bigger issue with having the lack of laws and regulations in the state of Florida necessary to properly regulate this type of activity in the future," Jennifer Hecker, Director of Natural Resource Policy with the Conservancy of Southwest Florida said.

"That well could have been compromised and if it's leaking that would be a source of continued contamination so we're very concerned we need them to revoke that permit immediately and they should've already done so," Hecker said.