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Cypress Lake High School parents rally around fired coach


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Cypress Lake High School parents rally around fired coach

By Katie Jones. CREATED Oct 30, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 31, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Parents and students are now fighting back after a Cypress Lake High School Football coach was fired after a homecoming game fight.

It broke out with just minutes left to play in Friday's game.  On Wednesday, more than a dozen people showed up at district headquarters protesting a decision made after the fight.


" We as parents and students have all gathered together because we want to express our love and support for coach more." Parent Kelly Seanor said.
A Lee County Spokeswoman said because of the unfortunate display of un-sportsmanlike behavior, Dale More was fired as head coach and 26 players suspended pending a state review. Cypress Lake players, parents and students are fighting back
"He is a wonderful man and we feel his firing is un-just and we are fighting to have his position as coach re-instated." Seanor said. 
Their backlash and support has made progress with their backlash and support has made progress with Lee County School District. Supporters said they've been notified of the first step in an appeal process. The parents wouldn't comment or go into detail about what is next, but said they'll continue to stand up and speak out for Dale More.
"We are sorry we can't give you more information at this time but we want to follow the superintendent's protocol." Seanor said.
A school district spokeswoman said the results of the state review are expected to come in tomorrow.
Katie Jones

Katie Jones

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Katie Jones is a reporter for FOX 4 news.