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Cop killer's Facebook page revealed


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Cop killer's Facebook page revealed

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Aug 14, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 15, 2013

Port Charlotte, Fla. - FOX4 unearthed chilling new information about the secret life of the man who shot and killed Charlotte County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Wilson last week. Jay Vanko took Sgt. Wilson's life and then his own.

Now, several neighbors have confirmed that the photos on a Facebook page are that of Vanko and that one of his last photo's was a profile picture of him shooting a shotgun. It was posted on August 1, just four days before the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office says he shot and killed Sgt. Mike Wilson.
Vanko's Facebook page contains many references to guns. There were two other posts on August 1 of guns, including a photo of two machine guns in their cases. It's unclear whether it's a random picture or a picture of guns that Vanko personally owned. The Sheriff's Office has said Sgt. Wilson was met by "gunfire" but was killed by a bullet that entered above his bullet proof vest. What it's not saying until the investigation is complete, is how many shots were fired by Vanko and from what type of weapon.
Also, on August 1, Vanko posted a photo of a handgun mounted under a steering wheel in a vehicle. Again, it's not been revealed whether Vanko carried such a device in his vehicle.
On his Facebook page, Vanko had references to the Texas Nationalist Movement, shots of an assault rifle and the words "Come and Take It". There are references to various types of guns, organizations that advocate gun rights, and to organizations that promote concealed carry issues.

For some unclear reason Jay Vanko did not have a Facebook page in his name but rather in a fictitious name. We have not been able to ascertain why he didn't use his real name.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office told me this afternoon that it was aware of the Facebook page but because the investigation is still open it can not comment on it.