Collier Co. beach project may finish sooner than expected


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Collier Co. beach project may finish sooner than expected

By Katie Jones. CREATED Nov 7, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 7, 2013

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.-  A small sigh of relief for homeowners and beach goers in Collier County. The controversial beach re-nourishment project is running ahead of schedule.

Massive trucks and construction crews have taken over the Collier County coast.

"This is the first time we've seen this much work going on on the beach." Visitor Howard Kelly said.

Crews started dumping sand in early October and county officials said 360,000 tons have already been piled on. Beach visitors we talked to have mixed feelings about it.

" It is a good thing for tourism, it is a bad thing for the wild life on the beach. There's very few shells left anymore." Kelly said.

="To me it's sad because it's not a natural beach anymore." Lisc Kelly said.

Crews initially expected the project to wrap up in late February, but because of the great deal of planning and coordination with contractors, law enforcement and city leaders, officials said the re-nourishment could be done as early as the first of the year.

"First thing we noticed was all the truck tracks up and down the beach and we saw these great big trucks coming up full of sand." Howard Kelly said.

Even though the beaches will be crowded with construction a little while longer, vacationers said they'll make the best of their visit.

"Hopefully we'll survive and come back next year ." Howard Kelly said.

County officials have been hosting weekly meetings to update the public about beach progress. For details, click on the big red 4.



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