College confusion with new Edison State College name change?


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College confusion with new Edison State College name change?

By Kelli Stegeman. CREATED Sep 27, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - The name is just now starting to settle in. But for some, the confusion is just beginning.  

Edison State College announcing this week after 50 years, it will now be known as Florida Southwestern State College. 
The change was to avoid a lawsuit from a college in New Jersey with a similar name. 
Could that bring trouble closer to home? 
Southwest Florida College graduate Maynor Luna is skeptical about what a name change at Edison will do for his alma mater. 
"I said wait a minute!" exclaimed Luna after hearing what Edison State College is changing it's name to. "That sounds like the college that I actually graduated from."
Southwest Florida College sits just minutes away from Edison, newly minted Florida Southwestern State College. 
"There's going to be two 'southwests' colleges next door to each other?" said Luna. "Confusing."
Current Edison student Alan Redfield is on the same page. 
"It's going to end up causing more confusion than any possible benefit it could provide," said Redfield. "My concern would be when it comes to applying for the school, if you're not overly familiar you may end up applying to the wrong school."
What about financial aid? Alan says one wrong click of the button could mean a big headache. 
"I think it will become very problematic if they apply for enrollment at Edison and then apply for financial aid at SWFC."
Friday, CEO of Southwest Florida College, Jim Mathis, over the phone told FOX 4 he was 'honored' and the name change is a 'benefit to us.' 
He said every time someone Googles Edison's new name, Southwest Florida College's information will be right next to it bringing in more traffic to the school.  
The name change officially takes effect on July 1, 2014 pending Governor Rick Scott's signature. 
The president of Edison said the cost to do so will be about $300,000 and that none if it will come from taxpayer money.