Church baptism fountain being used as a pool


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Church baptism fountain being used as a pool

By Barry Miller. CREATED Jul 30, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 30, 2014

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Fox 4 is working to get answers for some parents who have questions about the water at a Cape Coral park.

Some moms have reached out to Four In Your Corner - wanting to know if a pool where kids are swimming is safe.

Officials with the church that built the park say the "pool" at Fellowship Park in Cape Coral is actually a fountain.

They add it's not meant for swimming.

"It is a fountain," says Pastor Chad Woolf with Cape Fellowship Church. 

 "It's zoned by the city as a fountain."

Church officials say they use it for primarily for baptisms, but say it's become so popular with visitors, they decided to start "treating" the water since so many kids have used it as a mini pool.

That said, they're trying to encourage people to follow the clearly state rules.

"We have a sign in front of it that lets parents know their children should not be swimming in it," says Woolf. 

The Church built the park both for its members and non-members (i.e. the public) and it's been very popular ever since it opened. 

Church officials want to be kind to all visitors and offer a gentle reminder for those who may not understand the unique set-up.

"If you're ever asked to leave the fountain because it's not a pool, we're not asking you to leave the park, we hope you'll enjoy the splash pad, it's just that is is a fountain and it's designed to be used as a fountain," says the pastor.