Cape woman living off grid not inconvenienced by city's latest move


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Cape woman living off grid not inconvenienced by city's latest move

By Liza Fernandez. CREATED Feb 25, 2014

CAPE CORAL, Fla - The Cape Coral woman locked in a battle with the city over her off-the-grid lifestyle says she's not inconvenienced at all by the city's latest action.

On Monday, city workers capped off Robin Speronis' access to the city sewer.

She tells 4 In Your Corner she got home that morning and found her front lawn dug up.

"It's not an issue for me," says Speronis.

"I have other sanitary means, and it's not a problem," she says as she starts to demonstrate how she disposes of her waste.

"It's a five-gallon bucket with a plastic bag inside, and then there's a toilet seat," Speronis explains as she handles what amounts to a camping toilet.

"Then tie your bag up just like you would your animals, and you throw it in the trash."

"We have a little detergent in it in case anything leaks, put the rain water in it and wash it out," she explains.

"Spray it with a little colloidal silver that kills all the the viruses and bacteria," she adds.

Even as Speronis "does her business in a bucket,"  the city continues to charge her monthly water and sewer fees - about $70 a month.

The back fees are backing up to more $4,000.

Speronis she says she's not paying the bills on principle.

"If your water is turned off, and you just want to pay the bill, that's not allowed," she says,

"You have to pay the bill and turn the water on."

The city's customer billing manager confirms that - adding it's not fair every other customer has to pay, and Speronis does not.

Speronis insists she does not want to become a city of Cape Coral sewer customer because she does not intend on using the service.