Cape 'off the grid' woman wants answers from city


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Cape 'off the grid' woman wants answers from city

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED Jan 17, 2014

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -  After weeks of waiting, Fox 4 is not giving up on getting answers to why a Cape Coral woman living 'off the grid', or without utilities, was told to vacate her home.  

We have questions for city attorney Dolores Menendez, who refused to see us. 

"She's very busy and she said you can see Connie Baron, if you need to," said a receptionist at Menendez's office.

But on Monday, city spokeswoman Connie Baron deferred all communication about Robin Speronis's case to Menendez. Yet, after e-mailing her three times and showing up at Menendez's office, we got the run-around. 

"She knows why I'm here," said Fox 4. "And Connie has referred everything to Ms. Mendez." The receptionist said again, "I'm sorry. She's just very busy at the moment."

"I'm not surprised," reacted Robin Speronis.

All Speronis wants is the list of codes the city says she's violating by living 'off the grid', or without city water and sewer. 

"What are we paying our city attorney for?" questioned Speronis. "I think we're paying her too much if she doesn't understand the codes."

Two months ago, code enforcement tagged Speronis house with a notice to vacate. It deemed her home unsafe to live in. 

"Unbelievable, how they try to strong arm me," added Speronis.

Even Speronis lawyer, has tried getting answers from the city. That leads him to one conclusion.   

"I'm surprised," said attorney Tom Allen. "I don't' want to think that they're playing games at this point."

But Speronis isn't giving up. If nothing else, she wants an apology from the city so she can put this behind her. 

"Do you feel like they owe you a response?" Fox 4 asked Speronis. "They owe the citizens of Cape Coral a response absolutely. That's what they're getting paid for. That is their jobs."

Allen says he's waiting for a response from the city before pursuing this further. Confirmation from city officials hat she did in fact violate city codes.