Cape Coral serves woman living off the grid with amended notice


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Cape Coral serves woman living off the grid with amended notice

By Liza Fernandez. CREATED Jan 27, 2014

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - It's a story we've been following for more than 2 months now -- a Cape Coral woman living off the grid -- without electric or water service by choice.

The city tagged Robin Speronis' her home with a notice to vacate the day after our story detailing her lifestyle aired.

Ever since, we've been asking the city which codes exactly she's violating.

The city has now served Speronis' attorney with an amended complaint. And the 5-page amended violation notice is much more detailed than the original notice to vacate plackard the city posted on Speronis' home more than 2 months ago. In the revised notice, the city cites a combination of international property maintenance code along with its own ordinances, which Speronis' attorney says don't jibe.

"What is a private water system? That's not defined in either code. But if one code accepts it, then the other code shouldn't negate the ability to have one," says attorney Todd Allen.

Reporter: "Does Speronis' qualify as private?"
Allen: "Without some way of measuring what the code says, I can't make that determination."

The city also cites code that states the facilities in a home shall be connected to running water.

"There again, what is running water? Is it supplied through a private water system, or is it something that we can heat through a solar panel and then pump through a fawcet," asks Allen.

Reporter: "It also says every building should be provided an electrical system."
Allen: "This building has one."

In an e-mail statement, the city of Cape Coral says: "The service of this notice affords Ms. Speronis the same due process it would any other citizen."

What's more, the notice states the violations must be fixed in 5 days or risk a fine of a thousand dollars a day.

"Government is trying to invade Ms. Speronis' lifestyle and dicate how she lives. That's what our founding fathers fought against," adds Allen.  

A hearing in front of a magistrate is scheduled for February 20th.