Businessman pays stranger's towing bill


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Businessman pays stranger's towing bill

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Oct 7, 2013

Cape Coral, Fla. -

The Troubleshooter getting help for a Lehigh Acres man forced to pay a high towing bill he racked up while in the hospital. After seeing our reports a perfect stranger stepped up to help the man in need.

Imagine being 82 years old, with no money, no family, and then after spending over a month in the vehicle. That's what happened to Noel Powell. After we ran the first story last week the tow bill was knocked down by over $800. 

"It was disturbing, you know what I mean," said Claudio Romano. What he means is the fact that Powell had a seizure while walking out of this store, went straight to the hospital where he stayed for 33 days, only to get out and find his van had been towed and the tow company wanted $1,250 dollars or they're selling it.

Mr. Powell is 82 years old, says he lives on a fixed income, has no relatives and has no money. But he has a friend, this man, who called FOX4. We ran two stories last week which ultimately got the tow company to lower the bill to $450. Mr. Powell didn't have it so he got one of those cash advance loans.

Romano, who owns Romano's Shutters in Cape Coral, saw both reports and asked himself, "How is he gonna fix this problem? And that's why I'm glad I'm fortunate enough to help him."

So Romano called me asking how he could get in touch with Powell. Here's that exchange;
"I still didn't believe that today, this gentleman here wants to help me," said Powell.
"You believe it now?", asked Culbreth.
"I believe it now because I'm sitting next to him," Powell responded.
"You don't even know this guy?" questioned Culbreth.
"I never seen this man in all my life," answered Powell.

Then this complete stranger wrote a check to pay off Powell's bill.

"Were you worried about paying the 450 bucks back?" Culbreth asked.
"I was because I don't have it," Powell said, his eyes tearing up.
"Well, you have it now," countered Culbreth.
"I have it now," exclaimed Powell.

"This is what I mean by when I heard about it, he's gotta be beside himself," said Romano. Powell then thanked me. "Thank you for being there for me too."
"You're welcome," I responded.

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