Businesses look forward to season


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Businesses look forward to season

By Chris Day. CREATED Oct 20, 2013

 Estero, Fla. - Season is just around the corner, but is it starting a little early this year? We went to Miromar outlets to see if any snowbirds had made their way down south yet.

We ran into one couple, Steve and Phyllis Strome who live here five months out of the year, and the other seven in Michigan. They say Even though they have come down for warmer weather, it hasn't started snowing in Michigan.

"No, not yet, but it has gotten cold"

Businesses like Luna Rossa Italian restraunt say they've seen signs of season approaching, but its not quite here yet.  Manager Mike Shaley says he's excited for when it does get here.

"More than excited actually, in fact yeah all my bill collectors and everyone else is excited too because they'll start getting paid"

"I'm noticing a lot of car transports, this morning I saw a transport coming from Illinois, so that's kinda a sign for me when I look on my way to work"

But snowbird Phyllis says there are also obvious signs that season is still to come

"You know when you go into Starbucks and you get waited on right away, that season's not here yet"