Bird lovers come to FOX 4 over power pole they say is killing osprey


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Bird lovers come to FOX 4 over power pole they say is killing osprey

By Liza Fernandez. CREATED Mar 19, 2014

PUNTA GORDA, Fla., - Bird lovers in Pirate Harbor in Charlotte County are concerned about what they call a problem power pole. They say it's killing osprey. 

A bird's nest atop the pole caught fire Monday night.  And neighbors say it's not the first time. 

William and Josephine Nardi have the perfect perch to watch all the sparrow, cardinals, eagles and osprey. But Monday night they didn't like what they saw. The dry wood from an osprey nest caught fire, catching the pole on fire, too. 

An FPL spokesman said no osprey died in the fire. But neighbors say this same pole caught fire before.

"About two or three months ago, we lost two of them. They were [electrocuted]. My husband buried them. We reported, we called them," said Jospehine Nardi. 

FPL told 4 In Your Corner it has no report of other ospreys dying on in nest fires on its poles in the neighborhood, but said the problem pole was refitted with a better nest platform last summer.

And Wednesday, the utility installed a stand-alone pole with a nest platform just for the osprey. 

The utility said hundreds of osprey nests are relocated in this way, working with environmental experts to not only ensure the the well being of the birds but also ensure the reliability of its service.

"We're good stewards of the environment. We try to help the animals whenever we can. Whenever we get notified that there's a bird that's building a nest, we try to get one of these built so they have a place to go," said job supervisor Sam Scott.

The Nardis seem happy with the new nest. And you can bet they'll be keeping their eyes to the sky. 

"So I don't think we'll have any more barbequed ospreys," jokes Josephine.