Batman, Captain America save cat from house fire


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Batman, Captain America save cat from house fire

By Steve Betts. CREATED Sep 9, 2013

Holy conflagration, Batman! Firefighters who showed up to battle a house fire in Milton, W. Va., on Saturday stepped into a comic book-type scenario as two easily recognized fictional superheroes appeared to arrive on the scene first. 

Batman and Captain America, whose true identities are John Buckland and Troy Marcum, respectively, were both in costume for an event at a nearby American Legion Post, TV station WCHS reports. When they saw smoke, the pair took immediate action, rushing into the blaze to see if anyone was inside.

"I grabbed his shoulders, gave it everything we got and the door opened," Buckland said. "He [Captain America] breaks out the window. The smoke lets out and as I can start to see, I reach down and grab something furry!"

Buckland, whose "Hero 4 Higher" business aims to teach children positive life lessons, rescued the cat, who was trapped because its owners were out of town.

"The cat comes around," Buckland said, adding that his Batman costume obviously startled the resuscitated feline. "Takes a look at me, then hissed!"

Buckland, a former firefighter, who also battled fires while stationed in Iraq, said his military training kicked in. In spite of his quick thinking and the Caped Crusader costume, Buckland said he was no hero.

"I just wonder what the cat was thinking," he said. "I'm glad no one was inside."