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Background of people involved in 3 year old's killing revealed


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Background of people involved in 3 year old's killing revealed

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Oct 23, 2013

Fort Myers, Fla. - We're learning one of the boys caretakers who was arrested is a convicted felon with a history of child abuse. When we went out to the neighborhood no one wanted to do tv interviews but told us they thought there were some problems in that house. 

"I was disgusted like everybody would be that read that report," said Ft. Myers child psychiatrist Omar Rieche, M.D.

Donella Trainor is the one who's charged with actually wrapping that child in a blanket. She's now 45 years old but when she was 23 she was convicted of two counts of felony child abuse in Lansing, Michigan. The details of that are unclear but she served time, was on five years probabation, and was ordered to participate in mental health counseling.

Lee County Sheriff's detectives say Trainor claimed to use something she called "wrap discipline" where she rolled the child in a blanket, tied the ends down, and put pillows around the side of the crib and on his legs. A local child psychiatrist had this to say about it. "I've never heard such a thing as a 'wrap discipline', added Richie. "There are all kinds of discipline methods that are used but this is totally the extreme and I've never heard of it."

Arrested are Trainor, who's no relation to the child, the grandmother, and the stepfather. So, where was the childs mother? The Department of Children and Family Services took the kids away from her this past summer after it was learned that, according to the DCF report she, "smokes weed, uses meth, and snorts oxycotin".

In July, it was reported that the "grandmother, Gale Watkins, was having the children sleep in cages in an attempt to stop them from getting up at night". The DCF report also said, "although there was large cage observed in the living room (4 feet high by 5 feet wide), the children did not admit that they were kept inside of it".

"This is what you would expect to happen to somebody who is perhaps a prisoner of war, that's being tortured," Rieche commented. "But a three year old that's trying to be controlled and the way that they did it is just inhumane".

All three defendants have been charged with Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child. Ms. Trainor has also been charged with Aggravated Abuse of a Child. The DCF says that two other children, two boys and a girl, were living in the home but have been removed and placed in foster care.