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A rash of flashers in one neighborhood


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A rash of flashers in one neighborhood

By Warren Wright. CREATED Apr 25, 2014

NAPLES, Fla.-  Collier County Sheriff's deputies are on high alert in a Golden Gate neighborhood.

They're on the hunt for a man targeting women to be victims of indecent exposure.
Several women living in the area tell FOX 4 news this problem goes much deeper than just today's flashing.
They say there are others that expose themselves and harass women.
They're calling it a widespread problem.
Diane Ponton works at Grace Place and teaches English to the woman who was harrassed by the flasher.
"He was trying to motion and to get her to come over and that's all that she understood... except for when she said he exposed himself and kind of lifted himself out of the seat to make sure he could see," Ponton said. 
The victim claims the flasher approached her on Sunshine Boulavard Friday morning when she was making the 25 minute walk to class.
Later in the afternoon, more than 100 people, many who walked, went to the Grace Place food pantry.
Women walking there say this is not an isolated incident.
They say multiple men are doing this.
Lila Brown says, "If they see a lady, they will stop and say do you need a ride... and most of the ladies will say 'of course.'  We live in Florida its hot."
 "It's scary,because they look normal," she says.
"They look like a normal person and you wouldn't think that."
"But it happens all the time and it's scary," she adds. 
The man who exposed himself to the woman in the latest case has not yet been caught.
He was seen driving a 4 door blue sedan.
The front passenger window appeared busted and had tape on it.
The back windows had some type of cloth covering them.
If you have any information to solve this or any of the other cases, you can call the Collier County Sheriffs tips line at 239-775-8477.
You can also send an e-mail to
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