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A helping hand to educate kids at Golisano Children's Hospital


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A helping hand to educate kids at Golisano Children's Hospital

By FOX 4 Staff. CREATED Aug 24, 2013

SOUTH FORT MYERS, Fla. - It’s back to school time and while you’ve been busy gathering book bags, pencils and new shoes for your little ones, a Southwest Florida business is gathering resources to help sick kids at the Children’s Hospital keep up with school work.

It’s not visiting hours at the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.  It’s time for class! 

Unlike other teachers, Garrett Gablehouse reports for school, here at the hospital every day.  He suits up with latex gloves because his students are extra special.  “You look pretty today, did Sarah help you do your hair?”

Garrett is a hospital school teacher and it's a job he says is more rewarding than most.  “Kids are eager to learn.  They miss school, they want to get out of here and go back to their normal life so it’s really gratifying.”

It’s a program funded through Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union.  Greg Passanen, the regional vice president of Suncoast says they have a real passion for supporting this cause.  “Kids are here to get well and they don’t need to be stressed about getting behind in school.  Their families don’t need to worry about them getting behind in school and it gives them something constructive to focus on other than being sick.”

A tough job that Garrett says he wouldn’t have any other way.